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Finding Connor Deegan

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Patient education guide

Dental Sleep Practice Magazine's NEW Patient Education Guide for Dental Sleep Medicine. This is a specialized magazine specifically for patients to explain sleep disordered breathing and how dentist's play a role to improve the quality of sleep. This is a great publication to hand to your patients, send to referring physicians and keep in your reception area.

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A simple video that can be used to educate patients on sleep breathing and oral appliances. 

It's important to know WHY we sleep. New sleep research is very close to answering that very question! 

What you need to know about SLEEP BREATHING

Finding Connor Deegan is a success story his mother and my friend Valerie Deegan wrote. Together with The American Academy of Physiological Medicine in Dentistry (AAPMD) and the Foundation of Airway Health (FAH) we created this video to share their story with others. We are happy to see the video shared with many dentists, parents and dental team professionals across the country!

Oral Appliance Diagram as seen in my recent DSP Team Column. This is great to print and laminate for each treatment room. Any dental team member can use it to educate patients about obstructive sleep breathing and how oral appliances work. 

Why we Sleep?

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