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Glennine Varga coaches your team on everything sleep! She believes the ultimate factor in dental sleep medicine is whether or not the patient improves his or her sleep breathing. Dental team professionals play a significant role with patient education and communication. Glennine's coaching style is very concentrated and specific, hence

DSM Boot Camp! 

 What is DSM Boot Camp?

Dental Sleep Medicine (DSM) Boot Camp is coaching for dentists and training for dental team professionals. Customized training based on specific needs. Each dental practice is unique and with a thorough evaluation and assessment, DSM Boot Camp provides tailored coaching and training to maximize patient success. 

What Others are Saying...

"I've known Glennine for at least ten years, and to date, I have yet to hear a single negative comment, even from those who may be considered a competitor. She feels empathy for those in need, shows an unusually high intellect for those seeking answers and shows her penchant for getting the job done to those who are expecting her to produce. Whether you need Glennine to work with one or may, she will deliver, and deliver...and deliver. If you decide to use her in any capacity, you will not regret it."

                     - B Kent Smith, DDS. D-ABDSM

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Oral Appliance Diagram as seen in DSP Magazine

For close to five decades dental offices have found a way to explain the need for dental treatment to patients regardless of whether or not dental insurance was involved. Today, dentists have the option to offer patients oral appliances for sleep disordered breathing.  Dental team professionals need to know how to explain the need for this treatment to patients, understand what is needed to process medical insurance including supporting documentation and explain patient responsibility. 

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Through Education 

Dental Sleep Medicine

Coaching & Team Training 

 Why DSM Boot Camp?

"Dentists who want to succeed in sleep medicine involve their entire team in helping patients. Glennine Varga brings enthusiasm, immense depth of knowledge and an immediate connection to team members to every teaching opportunity. She is a vital part of my dental sleep education team. If you want to overcome office barriers to treating sleep patients, Glennine can help!"

- Steve Carstensen, DDS, D-ABDSM

Editor-in-Chief, Dental Sleep Practice Magazine

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Glennine, for many years now. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine, and how it can be introduced and become a successful part of any dental practice. I can assure you that both you and your staff will be very pleased with her coaching abilities, the systems that she will help you implement within your DSM practice and its future success. Please do yourself a favor and take advantage of what she has to offer!"

- John Bixby, DMD, PC

Dental Director at CompfortSleep Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders in Neptune City, NJ and Lecturer for Dream Systems Lab Continuing Education Programs in Dental Sleep Medicine, Roseville, CA

"Rarely in forty years of practice have I encountered a service that exceeded expectations and at a truly reasonable cost.  The DSM Boot Camp presented a wealth and a depth of information with details unavailable at any continuing education course(s).  The Boot Camp experience is a, "one and done" type of experience.  You walk away with ALL the information you need on how to accurately handle Sleep Medicine insurance claims.  Glennine provides course members with a copy of her slides and lecture.  She is extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant with immediate answers to a wide spectrum of questions"               - Dr. Joseph Yamin